Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us through the whatsapp icon that you can find in all pages of our website (whatsapps: +34 606553389 / +34 667455882).
100% personalized attention.

Locker-BNBHolder is a locker facility in Madrid available 24/7 365 days a year.

Three different types of lockers:
⦁ XS (W: 7,87 in / H: 4,01 in / D: 11,02 in): Only for keys’ storage. Online reservation.
⦁ M (W: 17,32 in / H: 11,42 in / D:146 in): 1 cabin suitcase + 1 bag. Online reservation.
⦁ XL (W: 17,32 in / H:226 in / D: 146 in): 4 cabin suitcases or 1 big suitcase + 1 cabin suitcase. Online reservation.

Book by whatsapp (+34 606553389 / +34 667455882).

Yes. The reservation needs to be made in advance and it will be validated in our system right away. The reservation has to be made in our website

You can store any kind of item that fits the size of the locker. Storage of illegal/illicit items is strictly not permitted and will be reported immediately to the competent authority
. In Locker-BNBHolder you pay per locker and not per package.

Sizes M & XL lockers cannot be used to deposit keys. For this purpose, only size XS lockers can be used.

⦁ Objects whose mere possession or trafficking is illegal.
⦁ Any type of material that is polluting, inflammable and dangerous in general.
⦁ Animals or any other kind of living being.
⦁ Nothing that can stain the lockers and produce unpleasant odors .

Sizes M & XL lockers cannot be used to deposit keys. For this purpose, only size XS lockers can be used.

No. It is strictly prohibited to access Locker-BNB holder for personal matters. The access to Locker-BNBHolder is exclusively reserved for the usage of the lockers. Therefore, you can neither eat nor drink inside it, nor can you make use of the movable property that may be inside. Video surveillance 24/7 365 days a year.

Locker-BNBHolder is completely safe. The Locker-BNBHolder premises are protected by Prosegur 24/7 video surveillance system, 365 days a year. In addition, we have an option of an AXA insurance that protects each suitcase from damage or theft up to a maximum of € 1,000 (police report must be presented). We kindly recommend you not to deposit items that exceed that value. Everything that exceeds this value, as well as personal documentation, will be deposited at your own risk and responsibility.

Check our website, in the section “BOOK NOW” (lockers for suitcases) and “HOST” (lockers for keys). You will easily find our availability for the selected dates.

Our lockers are fully automatic. You can make the reservation in our website
Once the booking is done, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all your reservation details: number of locker/s, code to access to our premises and code to open your locker/s.

No, it is strictly not permitted to store items that must be collected by a third party. The lockers cannot be used as a way to traffic goods between parties.

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